Lina sweater knit-a-long tutorials

These videos were created for a KAL at the launch of my Lina cardigan. You will find these techniques helpful for knitting many other bottom-up sweaters, including Marit, Dagna, Mette, and Bergitte.


Woman with her back to the camera wearing a Lina Cardigan, a charcoal grey sweater with a white yoke in a Scandinavian motif, facing snow-covered mountains in the distance.

GETTING STARTED: How to set up for the neckband and steek of a bottom-up knit cardigan.

JOINING SLEEVES: How to join the sleeves to the body to begin a colorwork yoke.

CATCHING FLOATS: A great way to catch floats while knitting a colorwork yoke.

DECREASES: How to handle the decreases in a yoke and weave colors in and out.


CUTTING A STEEK: How to secure a steek (by sewing) and how to cut a steek.


KNITTING A BUTTON BAND: How to knit the left button band.


SEWING ON THE BUTTON BAND: How to attach the button band to beautifully finish your cardigan.



Scandiwork Slipper Tutorials

These tutorials were created for the Sorine slipper. Most of the techniques apply to all of my slipper designs. The Tvinnarand tutorial is useful for a few slippers and some of my sweaters and mittens as well.

Photo of a pair of feet in Sorine hand-knitted slippers. Slippers are black and white with an intricate Scandinavian design.

Scandiwork Slippers: Duplicate stitch trick

This knitting tutorial will show you how I like to finish a slipper, sweater, or anything knit in the round with a duplicate stitch to create a perfect join without a gap. It’s shown here with my Sørine Slipper.

Scandiwork Slippers: Tvinnarand (part 1)

Tvinnarand is a Norwegian cousin to the Latvian braid (with a twisted purl stitch). In this knitting tutorial, I’ll show you how to create this beautiful little detail that is featured on some of my slippers. It’s in several parts so be sure to watch them all!

Scandiwork Slippers: Tvinnarand (part 2)

This knitting tutorial will pick up where part 1 left off to show you how to knit the Tvinnarand edge that’s present in some of my slipper designs. Pay attention to the direction of that twist!

Scandiwork Slippers: Tvinnarand (part 3) Weaving in

This knitting tutorial will show you how to weave in the contrasting color after completing the Tvinnarand braid, which is used on some of my Norwegian slipper designs.

Scandiwork Slippers: Tvinnarand (part 4) binding off

This knitting tutorial will show you how to bind off after completing a Tvinnarand braid and weaving in your contrasting color (see part 3). Useful on many of my Slipper designs.

Scandiwork Slippers: Casting on for the instep/two color knitting in the round

This knitting tutorial will show you how to cast on for the instep of any of my slippers after you have completed the heel. You will also get a look at how I knit with two colors in the round.

Scandiwork Slippers: Casting on

This knitting tutorial will show you how to cast on for any of my slippers.

Scandiwork Slippers: Choosing a doable slipper

This knitting tutorial is for beginners who want to learn Scandinavian colorwork by making a pair of my slippers. I’ll show you a few slippers and talk about why some are easier for beginners than others.