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Introducing The Nordic Knitting Primer. 20 patterns. Step-by-step photo tutorials. Tips and tricks.

Here's my first book! Do you love the timeless look of Scandinavian knitting? Have you ever wanted to create your own colorful Nordic sweaters, hats, mittens and accessories? I lovingly designed and wrote The Nordic Knitting Primer to help you learn how.

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I filled The Nordic Knitting Primer with a lifetime of Scandinavian colorwork tips, tricks, and techniques—all with a single goal: to help knitters of all levels fall in love with colorwork knitting.

With chapters organized sequentially by skill level, and hundreds of step-by-step tutorial photos, you could literally learn colorwork knitting skill-by-skill and project-by-project by starting at the beginning and knitting your way through this book.

I'm a big believer in learning to knit (or improving your skills) by making things you love. So this book is packed with 20 must-knit projects for knitters of all skill levels to make, wear, or give away. I designed these projects to look hard, but knit up easily. The effort-to-reward ratio is fantastic! 

This was a family project. Created during the 2020 pandemic, The Nordic Knitting Primer was lovingly photographed, illustrated, modeled, edited, and brought to life by me and my loved ones. Thanks everybody for helping!

Order now at The Book Depository, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or buy yours at fine local yarn stores everywhere.


Projects from The Nordic Knitting Primer

Photo of woman holding pine cones in burnt orange fingerless mittens


Woman holding a small wicker lunch basket wearing white Swedish Lovika Mittens

Back of woman wearing Scandinavian ski cap in white and grey with grey pom pom

Man in front of a rustic gate with Icelandic yoke sweater in greys and browns

Image of a woman's torso. She is wearing a grey and white Norwegian sweater and holding lilacs in her hands.

Woman in a gold coat wearing a gold and white nordic knit hat close up from behind.

Woman with curly blonde hair wearing a blue and white Scandinavian knit sweater with a flowery yoke

Man in a backpack outdoors wearing a Norwegian knitted cowl in blue and white

Man outdoors in a blue raincoat wearing a blue and white Nordic knitted hat

Woman wearing a light blue sweater with white tulips

Woman wearing a white sweater with a multicolor Scandinavian floral yoke

Little girl in profile wearing a white sweater with a colorful Scandinavian floral yoke

Woman wearing a fur hooded coat and red white and blue Scandinavian mittens

Woman in light grey sweater with dark grey Scandinavian knitted motif on the shoulders

Little boy holding a Swedish Dala horse wearing a grey knitted sweater with a red Norwegian motif on the shoulders.

Scandinavian blue knitted pillow with nordic motifs in white, a viking ship, windmill, Mora clock, Dala horses, a viking helmet, and more

Little girl wearing red slippers with knitted Norwegian Selbu star motif.

Close up of a woman holding a Swedish straw heart decoration wearing knitted Norwegian Selbu mittens

Close up of woman wearing grey and white Norwegian knitted slippers.