Olsdatter Slippers Pattern

Olsdatter Slippers Pattern

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These flowery slippers feature a lazy daisy embroidery stitch my grandma taught me to do on dishcloths when I was a little girl. When I was little, I spent my summer days in the Scandinavian community of Providence, Utah snapping beans, picking raspberries, wading in the irrigation ditch, and doing embroidery to stay out of the hot afternoon sun. The embroidered dishcloths we created were considered special and were only used to dry drinking glasses.

I named these slippers for my Great Grandma Olsen, a gifted flower gardener whose roses, irises, peonies, and lilacs were as famous as her embroidery. Although in full disclosure, my Grandma Olsen once said of her
handiwork in the local , “My crewel is so bad it’s wicked.” The floral pattern on the front is a nod to Grandma Olsen’s garden and the checkerboard pattern on the back is for Grandpa Olsen, who sailed from
Bergen. The checkerboard comes from Bergen’s famous Fana sweater pattern.

These slippers are included in my Norsknits ebook.

Women’s small size 5 to 6.5 and child’s large size 2-4
Finished Measurements
Unfelted slipper: 9 ”x 4.33” (8.5 “x 4”) Felted slipper: 8.5” x 4.33” (8” x 4”)
Raumagarn 3 tr. Strikkegarn
Background Color: 50 g White 101 (or 105 meters of DK-weight yarn)
Pattern Color: 50 g Red 174 (or 105 meters of DK-weight yarn)
Embroidery: Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift 25 g Sapphire 676
Double-pointed needles 3 mm, 3 mm crochet hook (or another size
double-pointed needles to obtain the correct gauge), tapestry needle
Darning needle
Gauge and Swatch
24 stitches/24 rows = 4 inches or 10 centimeters
Lightly felted to 28 stitches/24.4 rows = 4 inches or 10 centimeters
Skills Used
Long-tail cast on
Knitting in colorwork
Purling in colorwork
Catching floats
Backward loop
Knitting flat
Knitting in the round
Crochet edge (single crochet, UK double)
Chart reading